Android permissions for MightyText (Android 6.0 and above)

In order to function properly, MightyText needs some permissions to be enabled on your Android phone.

To make sure you have the proper permissions, on your Android phone (running Android 6.0 or later), go to:

 Android Settings -> Apps -> MightyText -> Permissions 

Here is a list of what permissions the app needs and why.


This is used to sync incoming and outgoing SMS & MMS messages from your phone to MightyText.


This lets you see your phone's contact names in the MightyText texting app on the computer or tablet. 


This allows you to see real-time incoming call and missed call notifications, as well as our remote dialing feature.


If you have turned on photo/video sync, we need this enabled to sync photos and videos that are stored on your device.

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