Message Templates

(This feature is only available in MightyText Pro)

Sending the same message content over and over?  Using message templates in MightyText will save you lots of time.

Creating a Template

Message Templates can be created in both the MightyText web or tablet apps. Navigate to the Templates/Signatures pane under the Settings tab.  In the Templates/Signatures pane, you will see templates you have already saved (if any exist) and a button to create new ones.

When you create a new template, you will be asked for a template Name and Body.  The "Name" field describes your template and the "Body" is what is sent when you add a template to a message.

You can also save templates directly from any response area. Click the Template/Signature button (above the send button) and select Save as template from the menu. The message body that you have drafted in the response area will be saved as a new template.

Sending a Message from a Template

You can access your saved templates in any message response area by clicking the Templates/Signature button.  The Templates/Signature button can be found in the lower right corner of the message reply area in the MightyText WebApp:

In the MightyText Tablet App, the Templates button can be found below your message reply area:

After clicking the Templates/Signatures button, you will see a list of templates organized by template name.  Clicking on any template name will automatically fill the message reply area with the template body content.  It’s that easy to send templates.

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