Using MightyText Desktop app (Mac only) on multiple desktops

If you are currently experiencing window focus issues while running the MightyText Desktop app on your Mac with multiple desktops (Desktop 1, Desktop 2, etc...), please follow these steps:  
  1. Load the MightyText Desktop app on your Mac.
      2. Visit the Settings page (gear icon) located on the top right side of the app, next to your Google account.

      3. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Desktop" settings page and disable the “Optimize network performance" option in the "Debug" section:

      4. Click "OK"  and the MightyText Desktop app will automatically restart.

After the app restarts, you should no longer see the windows focus issues. If you continue to see them, email us at to resolve the issue. 

Note: this setting is only present in versions 3.75 and above. 

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