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Increase the monthly limit for text messages

As mentioned in my review on GooglePlay, I am frustrated by the limits especially considering that I am not someone who sends an outrageous number of text messages. I have used this app for a couple of years and been very pleased but first ran into the change of message archiving and now monthly limits and I am no longer as happy with the app as I once was. I don't text a lot of people or send many texts a day and yet I am receiving alerts that I am maxing out my monthly limit?! I am not willing to pay the hefty price of $40 a year to be able to send whatever messages I want.

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  • jefftgoldstein commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I text a lot but do not use any pro features. However, I am forced to use the pro plan to text more then 600 a month.I have had issues with your service and am leaving but the less though I would suggest you come up with an unlimited texting plan that has no other features but unlimited texting for like $5-$10 a year. $40 is simply to much for someone who doesn't need pro except for the unlimited texting. You competitor MYSMS has a free version with ads and $10 a year for full unlimited texting with no ads and full backup capabilities. Im sorry to say your pricing is not even close to competitive. Lastly I have not enjoyed being spammed with the notifications of the "new features". You should have a way to disable all the nonsense.

  • danielle.lauziere67 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    AS per your response to my review I am contacting you. My review was. "Been using Mighty Text for a few years now. I've had some issues over the years but they've been resolved either on their own or MT took the time to address them. I like MT a lot and find it very useful. I am tad bummed out it went from unlimited texts to 500 per month and now down to 250 per month. Hopefully it doesn't get any lower. Oh well, what do you want, it's free. Thanks for the great app."

    I do still like the app. I find it's gotten quite slow in the month or so. In any case, it would be nice if you up the limit again. I know it's a free app and we shouldn't complain. I just can't justify spending a lot of $ on it. Thanks.

  • CCenters commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The recent change to the monthly text limit will likely make me stop using your product. I do not want to keep paying to be able to use the app. Either increase the limit back to 500 or offer a 1 time fee to unlock Pro.

  • networkmercenary commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Per your request I am contacting you regarding my review on the Google Play Store. I use to really like that app. They allowed free sending of SMS message from my PC but have recently limited me to 250 per month just to force me into paying $3.50/per month for the pro version. I had no problem with the few ads they had. Not to look for a different app.
    Developer response:
    Hi - do you think it is unreasonable to charge for a high volume usage? We would love to hear your feedback. Please write in to us at http://help.mightytext.net and be sure to mention this review."

    Do you consider a average of 10 SMS messages per day "hi usage"?

    I do not.

  • Horatio Dell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    500 Msg Limit

    Have been using APP for years now. Love it. Hate the new 500 msg limit. I would gladly pay a fee for no send limit but, wouldn't pay a monthly fee while there are other apps out there that do same thing. I don't need all the features of Pro, but I do need more than 500 messages.

  • Lance commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is unacceptable to have our messages throttled from 500 to 250... I have been a long time user and do not feel that it is right to have this change forced upon us, with the option to pay $40/yr... There are several other apps out there that have similar features, but I have not been able to find any as good as mighty text. That being said, I still cannot justify $40/yr for a messaging app. When I hit my 250 message cap this month, I am uninstalling and sadly closing my mightytext account.

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