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Make using 2FA short codes simpler: copy to my clipboard or automagically fill out the web form

I'm frequently signing into accounts that require 2FA, or that send me short codes for other reasons: GitHub, Mint, my bank, Google (on a secondary browser or account), Office.com, Docusign, Venmo, etc. (This is my list from just the last few months.)

There should be an option to copy these short codes to my clipboard or just enter it into the correct web form field or something when MightyText detects that I've just received a short code.
Maybe it could be automatic (of course don't wipe out my clipboard without warning), or a little button that shows up as part of the notification?

Right now this is my sign in mental thought process:
1. open e.g. github.com
2. password manager fills in my password automagically
3. sit and wait for a text message, then it shows up in MightText, and I either...

4a. memorize the 6 digits of the code
4b. manually type the shortcode into the web app
4c. look back at the code to see if I made a typo
4d. and I've forgotten why I opened Github (I can only keep 4 thoughts in my head at once and the code is 6 whole digits long...)

5a. ...or I click the MightText notification
5b. and wait for the MightyText popup to show up
5c. and wait some more (the popup takes a while to load for some reason?)
5d. double click the short code, Ctrl-C, alt-F4, Ctrl-V...

MightText should just do something automagical like it's a password manager so that 4/5 is zero or one action, not several.

Some users might be concerned that MightText showing shortcodes would ruin the point of 2FA short codes and be a security problem, because if someone compromises my Google account then they can simply compromise every account. Well, this shouldn't make the situation any worse! Maybe this makes it like "1.9FA", but that's fine by me.

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